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Mid-Range Camping Gear

Mid-Range Camping Gear

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Elevate your camping experience with our most popular offering: the Mid-Range Camping Gear Kit. Designed for up to two campers, this kit combines upgraded equipment with practical features, providing everything necessary for a more comfortable and extensive outdoor adventure.


  • Backpack: Enhanced 65L backpack with improved ergonomics and storage compartments to effortlessly manage your gear.
  • Tent: Upgraded 1-2 person tent crafted from advanced materials for increased durability and better protection against the elements.
  • Sleeping Gear: Quality sleeping bag suitable for cooler temperatures paired with a thick, air pad for optimal comfort and insulation.
  • Pillow: Easy-to-use inflatable pillow, ensuring restful sleep.
  • Cooking Equipment: Lightweight stove, high-grade titanium pot, and a durable spork, designed for efficient cooking and eating.
  • Water Filtration: Advanced hollow fiber water filter system for reliable purification.
  • Lighting: Robust headlamp with multiple brightness settings to suit various nighttime needs.
  • Insect Protection: Highly effective bug spray to keep annoying pests away.
  • Clothing: Dedicated clothing options designed for outdoor activities, offering both comfort and protection.
  • Mobility Aids: Trekking poles to enhance balance and reduce strain during hikes.
  • Hydration System: Water bladder for easy and continuous hydration on the go.
  • Safety Options: Includes options for bear deterrents and secure food storage solutions to ensure safety in bear-prone areas.
  • Weather Protection: Durable rain gear to keep you dry and comfortable in wet conditions.
  • Guidance and Support: Personalized coaching and route planning to help tailor your trip to your preferences and needs.

This kit weighs approximately 22 lbs.

Please note that product images are for illustration purposes only; the actual items included may vary. This kit is available for US domestic shipping only.

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